Médine - De Panjshir à Harlem

Even if you don’t get it because it’s in french, you should watch it. It compares the life of Malcom X and Massoud.


Folio from a Gulistan (Rose garden) by Sa’di: Sa’di and the Two Indian Robbers
Herat, Afghanistan, circa 1490s
“One of the most popular texts for illustration was the Rosegarden by Sa’di, a collection of moralizing and entertaining tales in rhymed prose interspersed with complementary lines of poetry. This painting relates to one of Sa’di’s “personal”anecdotes about a journey he undertook with a group of Syrians. Reportedly, the travelers hired a strong young man to accompany and protect them from the perils of the road. As soon as two Indian bandits ambushed the caravan, however, the youth panicked and offered no resistance. Sa’di maintains:
A youth, though he may have a strong arm and an elephant body, His joints may snap asunder for fear of contact with a foe.
The spare, carefully balanced composition, luminous palette, and subtle interplay of gestures and glances are characteristic of late fifteenth-century painting at the court of the last Timurid ruler, Sultan Husayn Bayqara (reigned 1470–1506), one of the most important patrons of the arts of the book in Iran and Central Asia.”

Roya Mahboob, the CEO of Citadel Software Company, our partner in the Afghan Development Project, is featured in an article by Fast Company, “In The Heart Of Afghanistan, Entrepreneurs Innovate For Peace.
The article states: “Mahboob says that she and her team aren’t just entrepreneurs; they’re seeking to be role models. “We want to show women and girls how to run a successful business and how to overcome their challenges,” she says, adding that one of her partners wants to create a women’s IT association in Afghanistan.”
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Vote for Razia Jan for 2012 CNN Hero


Razia Jan and her team provide free education to hundreds of girls in rural Afghanistan.

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"The Afghan women were used in a rhetoric of silence. As we all know, their silence was not their choice; it was a result of local as well as global power relations. Therefore, it was easy for Western women to portray themselves as the ones who gave Afghan women a voice."


Berit von der Lippe - When Feminism Legitimizes War.

Researcher Berit von der Lippe in Rhetoric and Citizenship – Public Deliberation, writes that the role of Afghan women in the war rhetoric is one example of how people in power use the rhetoric of silence.

For me as a feminist it was a paradox to see howan ideology that has criticized the universal positions and demanded women’s right to self-representation was used to legitimize the decision to go to war. Most people know that this ultimately has to do with military strategy. It gives UN Resolution 1325 and its good intentions a precarious basis on which to build peace and security.

I’ve always questioned the loopholes within Western feminist rhetoric for ‘liberating’ women in Asia and beyond. Among those words, I will never forget the slogans for supporting the invasion of Afghanistan by women living in USA: “We are us and we are them.” Except they weren’t. They could never be in the same situation as the Afghan or even Iraqi women were and are. And it’s amazing, isn’t it? That the women USA regime(s) claimed to empower were never given a complete, whole, equal opportunity to speak for themselves and explain their wants and needs at proper length.

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Crown Featuring Flowering Trees
1st century A.D.
Tillia Tepe, Tomb VI

This royal crown was excavated from Tomb VI in Tillia Tepe, Afghanistan. It belonged to a nomadic woman and can be dismantled for transport.


The government and the people of Afghanistan commemorated the late resistance leader and the national hero of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Massoud on Saturday September 8, 2012.


Wakhan, Afghanistan.
Girls learning to read the Quran at Haji Osman:Bibi Hawa (11 yrs old), Marbet (6) and Chechen Gul (7). 

Anonymous asked: I would love some college advice from you since you got into Berkeley Masha Allah! I would love to also go to a UC after 2 years of community college. I was going to ask you which one you would recommend based on what you have heard about them. At the moment, I am an out of state student and have no idea where I should start, Your help will be appreciated <3

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Wedding Tunic
20th century

Afghanistan Digital Library

The Afghanistan Digital Library will retrieve and restore works published in Afghanistan between 1870 and 1930; the long-term objective is to collect, catalogue, digitize and provide access to as many of this period’s publications as possible.

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